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Convenience Services

Bell Credit Union offers many services for free, however, some convenience services we offer do inflict a substantial financial burden upon the Credit Union, and so we must unfortunately pass that cost on to our members. These fees are kept to a minimum.

Services and Fees
Service Fee
ATM / Debit Card or PIN Replacement $5.00 per card
Carfax $15.00
Cashier's Check $3.00 UNLESS payable to account owner
Check Cashing $1.00 per $100
Check Copies $3.00 per check
Counter Checks $5.00 per 12 checks
Dormant account fee $10.00 per quarter-if balance is under $50
Duplicate Statement $5.00 per month
Early Closing Fee $25.00 if account is closed within six months
Excessive Checking Transactions More than 50 - $.25 each
Fax or Photocopies $1.00 per page
Garnishment / Tax Levy $15.00 Per Garnishment
Loan Administration Fee $50.00 or 2% if loan is less than $2500.00
Loose Coin Counting $.10 per $1.00
Mailed Receipts $1.00 per receipt
Money Orders $1.00 per money order
NSF Overdrafts $25.00 per check
NSF Returned Checks $25.00 per check
Outgoing Wire $18.00 per wire
Returned Deposit Check $20.00 oer check
Stop Payment $25.00 whether it posts or not
Unadvised Change of Address or Email $3.00 per account
Visa Gift Card $3.00 per card
Visa Travel Card $5.00 per card
  Last Updated 05/06/2020